Camp Divisions

Our expanded program of summer activities is designed to increase the childrens' camping skills, to inspire participation and to develop cooperation and team spirit.

Long Ridge Camp is broken down into 3 Divisions in order to meet the needs of each age group - Pre-School & Nursery, Younger Division (Kindergarten through 3rd grade) and Older Division (4th grade through graduating 8th grade or 14 years old).

Each group has a program specifically designed to meet their needs.

Campers also partake in our weekly special events including entertaining shows, carnival, theme days, Camp Olympics and much more.

Pre-School & Nursery Division

Our Pre-School & Nursery groups are a separate program planned especially for the pre-school child, with careful attention to their own needs and readiness. They also are included in several of the many all-camp activities so they feel that they are a real part of Long Ridge Camp.

The Pre-School & Nursery program is offered on a full-day and half-day schedule.

Our Head Counselors and Senior Assistants of the Pre-School & Nursery Program have a great deal of experience with young children in a nursery environment. Junior counselors for these children are carefully chosen for their knowledge and understanding of this age group also. Their only responsibility is to provide a happy, healthy summer for their campers.

Through carefully supervised individual and group activities, the child’s physical and social-emotional growth is fostered in an atmosphere of creative play.

Younger Division

This portion of the Camp includes the campers who have “graduated” from the Pre-School & Nursery to the Younger division, as well new campers.

They have a full program including two swims a day (instructional and free swim), games, sports, arts & crafts, drama, nature, ropes, music as well as many other activities.

Campers will receive individual coaching and instruction in basic sports and arts fundamentals.  They will also be introduced to positive team play.  

A staff of well-oriented, experienced, highly trained counselors will see that the campers have an active and creative season of varied activities in surroundings where the children’s safety and welfare are paramount.  Our staff help enliven the "Full Camp Experience".

Their activities are carefully organized so as to introduce them to organized team play.

In all areas, individual help is provided by counselors and specialists who are chosen for their ability and interest in working with this age group.

Older Division

This segment of the camp has a full camp program including two swims a day (instructional and free swim), dance or wrestling, athletics, archery, arts & crafts, drama, nature, music as well as many other activities.

The program activities are carefully organized and individual instruction and coaching is provided to give each camper a full and happy summer.

Tennis is provided for the older groups.

The Older Division Campers will also receive new and fun-filled responsibilities such as leading our Olympic Day Competition.  Our oldest girls group is responsible for creating our weekly Camp Newspaper.  

Campers graduating 8th grade participate in our optional Leaders-in-Training structure.   Those campers will have exposure to selected camp activities (several periods per week)  and will work with certain camp specialists to have them assist with camper instruction.   Those that participate will be eligible for a special off-site trip to a local attraction (as a thank you for participating) and they will have the benefit of having been evaluated "in action" should they decide to apply for the following year's CIT program (Counselor-in-Training) which is a staff paid position.  

A staff of well-oriented, experienced, highly trained counselors will see that the older campers have an active season of exciting activities in surroundings where the camper’s safety and welfare are paramount.  Our staff are instrumental at enlivening the "Camp Experience".