Special Events

In addition to the usual action-packed day at Long Ridge, our campers learn to expect the unexpected.  Just when everyone is filled with more excitement then they could imagine, we spring into a special events mode!

These fun-filled days are planned to thrill even the most seasoned campers:

  • Olympic Days
  • Carnival Day
  • Professional Performers
  • LRC Gameshow
  • Harlem Wizard
  • Tie-Die T-Shirt Day
  • Talent Shows
  • Cookouts
  • Camp Birthday Party
  • Awards Day
  • …and more special surprises!!!


Olympic Days

A long-time Camp tradition, Olympic Days is a 3-day "Color War" where we divide the entire camp into two teams - Green & White (except for the Pre-School & Nursery Group who participate in Spirit Day Activities).  

Our oldest boys and girls groups are our leaders in Olympic Days and many become Officers for the competition.

We learn how to win and lose - properly - always with Sportsmanship!  We compete in sports, arts, adventure activities, relay races and song and banner contest - all for the prize of Watermelon, which in 55 years the winner has always agreed to share with the runner up team!

Harlem Wizards & Court Jesters

An annual tradition, the Harlem Wizards (or the Court Jesters) have been coming to Long Ridge since 1963 (they are one year younger than the Camp!).   We were the first camp they visited!  Each summer, we hold a Pep-Rally where each group performs their own song, cheer or skit to root on the home counselor team! 

Camp Carnival Day

We turn the entire Camp into a Carnival for this special day!   Each year there is something new and different!

LRC Game Show

Quickly becoming an annual event, our LRC Game show is something we look forward to each summer!

Camp Birthday Party

Each summer, we hold a big party to celebrate the Camp's birthday!  We will have a cookout, then have special entertainment led by our Counselors and Groups who will help lead us in song, dance and more!   We cap it all off with cake and signing Happy Birthday to the Camp as well as receiving a special Birthday Party gift!

Special Event Days at LRC

There are so many days at camp that are special and each year we change those so that it is always new.   We can't wait to surprise our campers with this summer's special events!