For 57 years, the Alswanger family, with 3 generations on staff, has been providing special summers for our campers.  These memories last not only throughout the year but for a lifetime!

We recognize that each camper is a unique precious individual. Long Ridge Camp focuses on your child with individual attention in order to build your child's confidence and self-esteem.

Long Ridge Camp offers the very highest in staff standards with the best camper-to-counselor ratios.

Whether your child is 3 years old, graduating 8th-grade, or any age in between, Long Ridge offers a distinct, dynamic, and exhilarating program!

The children are offered a wide variety of activities that add up to a well balanced experience that includes Swimming, Sports, Arts, and Adventure.  Special activities and visiting performers add spice to our usual routine throughout the summer.

Our youngest campers have their own program geared to their need for activities that stimulate their growing bodies and minds as well as incorporating downtime including rest and storytelling.

We think this adds up to the kind of summer experience that you wish for your children. Long Ridge Camp is truly a very special place.

Welcome back to families who have been with us in previous years and we look forward to hearing from new families interested in becoming part of the Long Ridge Camp tradition.

We look forward to seeing you in 2019!



The Alswangers - Herm, Myrna & Geoff


The Alswanger Family - (from left to right) Matthew, Melanie, Geoff, Gayle, Herm and Myrna