Frequently Asked Questions

What sessions do you offer?

Long Ridge campers enroll for either 4 week, 5 week, 6 week, 7 week or 8 week sessions.

For campers enrolling for a 4 week session, it is very helpful to us to either sign up for the first 4-week session or the second 4-week session. 

If you choose to come for 5 weeks (or more), you can pick and choose your weeks of attendance (assuming space is still available in the camp group).

What are the hours of a typical camp day?

Our camp day runs from 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM.  Transportation arrives between 9:00 AM and 9:30 AM.   

Before and After-Camp Care is available each day at no extra charge. Early Drop-Off begins as early as 8:15 AM and Late Pick-up ends at 5:30 PM.

What are the ages of campers that attend Long Ridge?

We offer camp programs for Pre-School & Nursery (age 3) through graduating 8th Grade.

Is transportation included?

Long Ridge offers transportation for all of its campers.  The cost of transportation is included in Stamford and Pound Ridge camper's tuition and there is a charge for other towns.  

How many campers will be in my child's camp group?

A typical group has 22 campers of the same age and gender except for our Pre-School & Nursery groups, which are coed and slightly smaller.

How many staff counselors are in a group? Are there any adults?

Pre-School & Nursery groups typically have 5 group counselors (2 adults with at least one who is an experienced Pre-School/Nursery School educator).

All other groups have Head Counselors who are teachers or college students (with prior camping experience with us). Kindergarten and 1st grade groups have at least 3 additional group counselors and second grade and older have at least 2-3 additional group counselors depending on group size.

Group counselors travel with their campers everywhere throughout the day and are active participants and helpers at each activity.

We also have Supervisors who oversee all the groups in a particular division. All Supervisors are adults with significant Long Ridge Camp experience. We are happy that a majority of our head Counselors and Supervisors return each summer!

Who instructs each specialized activity?

While Group Counselors accompany are campers to each activity, they are not always responsible for teaching each activity. Group Counselors are active participants and remain with their campers the entire day.

Specialists, with a highly skilled background, teach each specialized activity. Our Specialists are often teachers, coaches or professionals in their particular field.

Do we offer swim instruction?

The Long Ridge Camp swim program is something we are very proud of and it has been recognized as a distinguished program. We have three heated pools that are used age appropriately to teach our campers.

Each camper has group instruction every day with the same swim instructor to ensure that the camper feels safe and secure. These sub-groups are made up of children at a similar ability level of your child and allow us to progress instruction at a good pace. You will see tremendous improvement over the course of the summer!

Campers also are scheduled for “free” swim everyday.

Pre-School & Nursery campers have their own pool, which is age and skill appropriate.

All swim staff are either American Red Cross certified lifeguards or Water Safety Instructors. Our numerous qualified instructors help us maintain an excellent ratio of swimmers to instructors. Group counselors may also be assigned to each swimming sub-group to assist the swim instructor.

How is lunch organized?

Campers bring their own lunch to Camp where the counselor immediately refrigerates it.  This ensures that you may send any item to camp without concern.  Each camp group eats together as a group in a separate area. This promotes group bonding among campers and counselors.

The Camp provides a choice of milk each day for lunch. Campers may bring another beverage if milk is not preferred.

We also offer snack at the end of each camp day. A counselor brings snack to the group and the group eats it together.

If lunch is left at home by accident, the Camp will make every effort to contact your home. If no one is available, the Camp will provide Jelly sandwiches and cookies and milk to the camper.

Is there a nurse at camp?

We always have a nurse on site during the normal camp hours. We will be in touch with you if your child needs to see a Doctor or is too ill to continue staying at Camp during the day.

What happens if it rains?

Rainy days at Long Ridge are treated like a Special Event.  During the off-season we put together different rainy day schedules.  All of our indoor activities still run and we have plenty of room to program great events!  Please make sure to dress your child with a waterproof jacket in case of inclement weather.

What is a typical camp day like at Long Ridge Camp?

Long Ridge is a highly organized and structured camp. Every group follows a schedule, which covers the main program areas of camp: swim, arts, adventure and athletics.

Our program is designed to expose our campers to a wide variety of new activities and to provide proper instruction in them.

Each age at Long Ridge is differentiated programatically.   

Are there Special Events at Long Ridge?

We have at least one special event each week (starting in week 2) that keep things fun and exciting. Our campers love our Special Events!!!  We bring in performers, musicians, jugglers, singers, magicians (and others) and even entertainment from the world famous Harlem Wizards or Court Jesters!

We also have Special Events such as the Camp Birthday Party, LRC Game Show, Awards Day and our annual Long Ridge Camp Olympics. Our Carnival Day has become quite a hit and we look forward to expanding that each year!!!

What do I need to send to camp everyday?

We will send you a Camper & Parent Handbook in the late Spring with everything you need to have. Items like 2 bathing suits, towels, flip-flops for the pool, etc. will be listed.  That handbook is also posted on the website. See the Camper & Parent Handbook.

Would you say that Long Ridge Camp is competitive or non-competitive?

While we do play competitive games, Long Ridge Camp promotes a non-competitive sporting environment where everyone has an opportunity to be a winner.

Our staff emphasizes learning skills and active participation in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Campers are always given equal playing time in each game. We want all campers to arrive home everyday feeling good about their Long Ridge Camp experience.

Our athletic specialists are made up of area coaches (sometimes at the high school level). They bring a strong background in teaching the fundamentals of each activity.

How can I find out more about Long Ridge Camp?

Please contact our camp office to schedule a private tour or to ask questions. We are extremely proud of our program and we invite you to meet with us to see it for yourself!

We are available to answer your questions by calling (203) 322-0253.