The Long Ridge Camp Experience

Great Campers & Terrific Staff

We have great campers that come from all over Fairfield & Westchester County.

Our Staff works hard to provide campers with the life skills they need. The Staff is the backbone of camp (click the Staff section for more info).  We allow children to:

  • Grow as individuals, to learn to share, fail, try again, overcome their fears
    and then succeed
  • Work together as a group - how to lead and to follow
  • Make friends, learn how to resolve issues and get along with those not exactly like themselves
  • Appreciate something new & different
  • Attain good Sportsmanship - learn how to win and to lose properly
  • Treat those around them with respect.


It is not just about the activities – those are important, but it is really about developing youth.

This is the high bar we set for ourselves & THIS is what we've been doing since 1962!!!

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