Long Ridge offers transportation for all of its campers. Each bus has a bus counselor and an assistant bus counselor in addition to other staff who may be getting rides to camp. 

Bus counselors ensure safety, know all of the campers and make sure our rides are an extension of the camp day.

The Camp also selectively utilizes senior staff to drive their vehicles to transport campers who may live in an area not convenient to a bus route.  While the Camp may have to utilize this service for some campers, it cannot promise to have car service available for all requests.

Camp begins when your child is picked up in the morning and ends when your child arrives safely home.

Early Drop-Off & Late Pick-Up Program

This program is included in Camp Tuition and begins as early as 8:15AM and ends as late as 5:30PM.

You may use this program every camp day or as needed throughout the Camp season.